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The Passage To Eldership

Becoming An Elder “Each of us comes to this world called.  You choose to be physically embodied, in this place – wherever it might be for you – and in these challenging times, you came bearing a unique gift that only you can offer the world.  And you didn’t come here to play it safe. You […]

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What is a Systemic Approach?

Our Human Relationship System:  Like a spider\’s web, all of life is interconnected.  Chaos theory and the famous ‘if a butterfly flaps its wing’ discoveries have proved this to us.  All of life is a system; incredibly complex systems upon systems, interwoven together.   The Western world however tends to view the world through an Individual

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The Liminal Space

Let\’s talk about LIMINAL SPACE… The world (and that means all of us) are in this Liminal Space right now (because of the pandemic), but we may not be conscious of what this space really is. Liminal space is a THRESHOLD. Think of it like a door way, where we stand in the space between

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Northern Soul

WATCH: NORTHERN SOUL WITH ZENA ME “If you don’t know where you are going, any road can take you there.” – Alice in Wonderland I first experienced being filmed by Nic Askew back in 2005. The resulting film, Hello Yellow Brick Road, was the start of my journey to finding my purpose. I believed that we all

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Toxic Cultures

“The prisoners were easy, it’s the SYSTEM I struggled with…” Clare McGregor, Coach and Author of the book ‘Coaching Behind Bars’ How to Illuminate the Hidden Relationship Dynamics CAN COACHING SAVE THE WORLD?….A feisty American woman immediately jumped on Clare’s comment…“Yes! That’s exactly it” she said. “That’s what I WANT to talk about…The TOXIC SYSTEMS… What we do about them? How do we

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A Guide on how to step into Eldership


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