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The Passage To Eldership

Becoming An Elder “Each of us comes to this world called.  You choose to be physically embodied, in this place – wherever it might be ...
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Your Eldership Niche – An Introduction

Who doesn’t (secretly) long to do the work they’re ‘Born’ to do? Even though I trained in marketing, I’ve always felt an ‘ickiness’ around this ...
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How To A Build A Healthy, Cohesive Team

Part One: The (Misguided) Beliefs About Teams “The general rule seems to be that the level of consciousness of an organisation (or team) cannot exceed ...
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What is a Systemic Approach?

Our Human Relationship System:  Like a spider\’s web, all of life is interconnected.  Chaos theory and the famous ‘if a butterfly flaps its wing’ discoveries ...
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Beyond M&A’s: Building a New Team Culture

Creating a Healthy Climate for Growth  Leading a Team after a Merger / Acquisition can be  a tough gig. The fallout from the disruption can ...
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M&As – How To Retain Trust When Managing Uncertainty

Something within each of us cries out for belonging…Like the tree that puts roots deep into the clay, each of us needs the anchor of ...
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A Guide on how to step into Eldership


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