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Helping ethical leaders, constellators and coaches to successfully transition to the second half of life and to step into the role of an Elder

Hi, I’m Zena and I work with Senior Leaders, Coaches and Constellators who want to transform social systems, making them more just, equitable and eco-conscious.

I’m an experienced teacher, coach and constellator in the lost art of Eldership and lead an online Elders community, offering programmes for those who are trapped in mid-life and want to find their unique Eldership niche.

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About You

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  • You’re approaching or in midlife (45-65) and are aware of a feeling of being in a kind of ‘wasteland’ and you’re wondering what the future holds for you.
  • You’re interested in the spiritual, mystical and esoteric side of life and want to safely integrate this into your work and life.
  • You’re ready to create the second half of your life, your ‘Eldership’ and need support to build it.
  • You’d love to know what your unique hidden gifts are and how you can creatively embody them in your presence.
  • You’re comfortable with deep personal development, creativity and with healing your own wounds and entanglements.
  • You’d love to fully embody and integrate your own unique vibe and have the courage to become more safely visible and creative.

About Your Work

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  • You work with organisations, public institutions, not for profit or the creative arts.
  • You lead, coach, facilitate or constellate with individuals, teams and communities.
  • You long to transform our current social systems.
  • You feel strongly about Social Justice and creating an equitable and inclusive society.
  • You have a heartfelt vision for the potential future.
  • You feel responsible for the legacy you are leaving for our future generations.
  • You have a love of the Land, the Planet, Humans and non human life.

What You Are Looking For

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  • A safe, compassionate, stimulating learning community of like hearted people to learn and journey with.
  • Experienced experts in the field of Eldership who will act as guides to support you on your journey.
  • A flexible, creative way to learn more about Eldership at your own pace and to your own budget.
  • Access to the right support at the right time to help you through any challenges you may be facing.
  • Ongoing free resources via workshops and muse letters.
  • An online intimate Elders Practice Group for those who want to step into the field.
  • Access to one-one-one sessions if you need it.

And you want to work with someone who:

  • Let’s you choose the way you want to journey to Eldership.
  • Recognises that everyone’s journey is unique to them.
  • Can expertly hold the space safely for you, so you always feel in your own agency.
  • Walks the path of Eldership and openly shares the experience and wisdom of her own journey.
  • Shares the creative practices and processes that have helped to transform her own experience.
  • Holds a safe and compassionate for the whole community.

Here’s what I know:

  • Middle age can feel overwhelming.
  • Facing the challenge of getting old(er) and the reality of our parents aging and dying and the children leaving home is tough.
  • Western society doesn’t deal well with the reality of aging and it can leave you feeling irrelevant, stuck and wondering how to navigate the second half of life.
  • Work and life can feel like a ‘Wasteland’ and suddenly you can find yourself worrying about what the future and even retirement holds in store for you.
  • You can find yourself at a dead end in your career and not having much energy for your work anymore.
  • You may even find yourself stuck in old patterns in your relationships and at a loss how to change them.

I’ve also heard stories about:

  • People going to therapists or retreats hoping this will help, but if anything they just provided some light relief for a while.
  • People training up in some new modality or latest popular new technique, but only to discover that it was just yet another tool in the same kitbag.
  • People finding a spiritual guru, only to discover that to get enlightenment would cost them another load of money.
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Here’s How I Can Help

I can offer you:

  • A beautiful, compassionate community of dynamic souls which is completely free to join.
  • A free monthly one hour community online workshop so you can get to know the deeper transition to Eldership and what it may entail.
  • A free weekly ‘Muse letter’ that provides insights, wisdom and resources to help you navigate the journey.
  • Regular podcasts with Masters in the field who openly share their wisdom and grace.
  • An opportunity to be a part of a monthly Elders Practice Group where we use creative constellations to look at specific areas of Eldership, these include Social systems, business, money and family dynamics and your Eldership niche.
  • Access to one off online workshops on particular Eldership Themes such as Ancestral Healing , Organisational Trauma and Eldership Niche.
  • Opportunities to work with me on a one-to-one looking at a specific issue that you’re struggling with.

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