THE SYMBOLISM OF RUPERT… Recently, in my journal I had a flashback to a childhood memory of watching Rupert on the TV.  Then, last Wednesday, whilst walking through Manchester’s University, chatting with the wonderful Values Expert Jackie Le Frevre, I came across a street bookseller and there, directly facing me, was a Rupert Book for sale.

After 15 years of writing a journal every day I am no stranger to synchronicity, so I promptly bought the book for £2 and, as I held it in my hands, it brought back warm, embodied feelings of my childhood love of Rupert.
For those of you who may not know, Rupert, is an 8 year old (bear) child who loves venturing from his safe, cosy home. His parents love and support him and everything he does… “No matter how daring or dangerous”.  He’s also the ‘Ideal child’, which in the 1920’s meant…   “Obedient, considerate and warmhearted with a natural curiosity and an anxiety to please”.  He has many mentors and friends who help him, made up of eccentric animal characters, fairies, magicians and unicorns.   

VALUES AND INTEGRITY… As a young child Rupert inspired me. I wanted to be like him and live an exciting and adventurous life. He symbolised the values that resonated with me: 

Courage, Kindness, Compassion and Curiousity. 
Clearly my younger / intuitive self had used ‘Rupert’ as a symbolic reminder for me to RE-member these values at this moment in time.
These particular values are very powerful and resonate at a higher level of consciousness.   Identifying these values as ones we ‘connect’ to doesn’t automatically mean they resonate in our presence.
It’s only when we embody these values do they become a very powerful resource for both ourselves and others and this is the meaning of integrity.  

HOW TO LISTEN TO YOUR DEEPER INTUITIVE SELF… I first began journaling as way of exploring what I was experiencing, particularly at times when I was struggling to face the unknown and needing to embrace uncertainty.

However, whilst ‘practising’ I became connected to my deeper intuitive self and, in time, built up the courage to be more bold in expressing my thoughts and feelings in a less censored way, which felt enlightening, energising and liberating.

I’d started to ‘hear’ my own authentic voice…   My 5 Steps to How to Listen to Your Deeper Intuitive Self Find a practice where you can listen and record your intuitive / inner voice (journalling, meditation etc) Write about or draw your dreams Make any imagery that comes to you tangible. Buy it, draw it, purchase the song etc Be more open and notice any signs and symbols that come into your awareness Don’t dismiss or judge your own curiosity. Keep an open mind and an open heart…


I’ll leave you with the wise words of Jerzy Kosinski from the book: The Devil Tree…  

“There’s a place beyond words where experience first occurs to which I always want to return. 

I suspect that whenever I articulate my thoughts or translate my impulses into words, I am betraying the real thoughts and impulses which remain hidden”