The Birth of My New Web “Place” 

How do you transform an ordinary, ‘head-bound’ space into one of exploration, play, and openness? 

As leaders and coaches we understand the intrinsic wonderfulness within each person. Our job is often seen as that of a locksmith or a safecracker: we break people open so they have access to their own riches.  But how does that process translate into the business world, when we’re so often faced with Very Hard Problems?

The conflicts and challenges that face ambitious teams are far more dynamic than the struggles of a single individual.  How can we, as coaches, move into a role one where we mobilized whole teams to find purpose, and to be great, together? 

I’m excited to be offering my “Rites of Passage: From Coach to Leader”training at the Sanctuary in Manchester. A seasoned facilitator, leadership coach and consultant, I’ve been using the Constellations approach to break boundaries in leadership since the 1990’s (!). 

Using a powerful combination of ‘Rites of Passage’ and a process called ‘Systemic Constellations’, created by Bert Hellinger, a German Psychotherapist, you will learn how to create a map of the ‘system’ (individual, group, organisation) to clarify and illuminate what is hidden, in order to facilitate the Leader in resolving the issue. This enlightening and inspiring one day introductory workshop is designed to introduce Coach / Leaders to this deep and powerful process and allow them to experience it for themselves.

If you’re ready for new approaches and a fresh way to understand your role as a coach, join me.