We’re all different, really…underneath…inside…But daring to ‘be’ different is something else, it’s much safer to be the same.

Being bold enough to express our ‘Difference’ could be seen as a threat to the ‘tribe’ and may be met with fear, suspicion, rejection or worse.

You see, we humans love our tribes, our identification with ‘others’. It validates us, it makes us feel ‘normal‘, safe and protected and we believe that leaving the tribe could be dangerous. We’re afraid we will be isolated, ostracised or worse still, scapegoated.

At our deepest level we believe we may not survive without the protection of the tribe, that we will no longer exist.

The real truth is that to reach our highest potential, to find our greatest performance, we have to separate from the tribe and the systems we belong to, we have to find our own identity and have the ‘Courage to Stand Naked’.

Having the courage to stand naked, separate from others, helps us find out who we really are and what our own unique story is. It is this story that makes us truly different from others, not just our gender, our colour, our nationality or our sexual orientation.

Exploring our own story is the starting point to the Hero and Heroine’s journey into Authentic Leadership.

This is a journey where we uncover our true self, our real power and authority. It is where we will discover our personal integrity and where we experience our highest levels of performance and success.