Rites of Passage
& Higher Conscious Leadership

from coach to leader


An Introductory One Day Workshop for Coaches



The Monastery, Manchester


The Threshold of a New Evolution

Coaching and personal development is on the threshold of its next evolution.  There’s a call for more courageous leadership and those seeking to serve are feeling compelled to raise their level of consciousness. In order to support this, those in the Coaching and Personal Development Arena will need the capacity and the capability to hold a safe space for those seeking to achieve higher performance and self mastery.

The new Coach Leaders will need to enable Leaders to understand and safely work with personal and organisational trauma and respectfully honour and re-member the past to heal the painful legacy and the toxic cultures to support them in returning to health.


From a Leadership Coach to Coach Leader

As Coaches we must now become leaders. By exploring the systems we’ve belonged to, we need to find our own unique purpose and personal authority so we can guide Leaders to create a place for people to safely belong to and thrive. To achieve this we’ll need to develop the capacity to see and work with great complexity and uncertainty and operate at a much higher level of conscious awareness. It also means letting go of our need to rescue our clients and find the solution to their problems.


Facilitating the Rite of Passage to Leadership

Using a powerful combination of ‘Rites of Passage’ and a process called ‘Systemic Constellations’, created by Bert Hellinger, a German Psychotherapist, you will learn how to create a map of the ‘system’ (individual, group, organisation) to clarify and illuminate what is hidden, in order to facilitate the Leader in resolving the issue. This enlightening and inspiring one day introductory workshop is designed to introduce Coach / Leaders to this deep and powerful process and allow them to experience it for themselves.

The Value and Benefits of Attending

A much greater clarity of your personal authority and your ‘place’ of belonging

Deep insight into where you are on your own Leadership journey as a Coach Leader

A personal experience of a powerful deep but very safe process that supports personal and collective transformation

Insight into the future of the Coaching and Constellations field

An opportunity to be at the very forefront of this exciting evolution

The Aim:

To introduce Coaches to the next evolution of coaching using Rites of Passage in Leadership and
the Constellation Process.

The Outcomes: At the end of the workshop you will have:

1. Knowledge of the Rite of Passage in leadership and Authentic, Higher Consciousness
2. Explored the principles of the human social field and our need to belong
3. Practiced embodying the role of Coach Leader to facilitie the illumination of the Client’s system
4. Experienced the Constellation process and discover what can be illuminated and resolved.
5. Action plans of where you go next on your journey to becoming a Coach Leader

Who should attend:

Anyone who is interested in the future of leadership coaching and personal development and those who are longing to become a part of the evolution of consciousness and the creation of healthy thriving cultures and communities.

Areas Covered:

Leadership Rites of Passage, the Human Social Field, Conscience and Belonging, Embodiment, the Constellation Process


Although there will be theoretical input the workshop will be highly participative and experiential and will offer plenty of opportunities to practice and apply it to participants real issues.


£250 plus vat
Early Bird: £200 plus vat (booking before June 1st)
A number of Concessionary places are available on request
Max number 20 people

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside, awakens.”

Carl Jung


Gorton Monastery
“Remembering the past, inspiring the future”

Edwin Welby Pugin’s Neo-Gothic treasure was built around 1861 by Franciscan friars as a training
centre and parish church that provided a spiritual and social focus for the whole community.
Restored in 1990 it’s now a heritage visitor attraction and an award winning venue for training,
functions and conferences.
The Monastery operates as a Trust that works in the heart of the Community and offers outreach
programmes and education to the Local Area.

The Monastery Manchester
Gorton Lane
M12 5WF
Tel: 0161 223 3211


Like a guiding light, Mamucium’s Systemic Constellations is a practice which illuminates and honours our personal ancestral heritage and in doing so, facilitates our ability to deeply connect and embody our authentic leadership power, transforming society and building climates of mutual trust.

Zena was my tutor for a leadership programme for High Performance Leadership. What stayed with me from working with Zena was her analytical approach which was on point about me as a leader, the organisation and their relationships. Zena brought that to life, making it tangible by using a systemic approach. Learning from Zena has been a privilege, if you ever get the chance grab it, it will be fun, memorable and life changing.


Zena Me

Using a beautiful combination of unique and pioneering , safe, ‘Embodied Practices’, I facilitate leaders in illuminating the truth and acknowledging old Entanglements and issues around Belonging to return the System back to health.

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