Systemic Constellations

A powerful process to resolve complex issues
and wicked problems 
by Illuminating Invisible Dynamics
in Relationship Systems

“In all chaos there is a cosmos.  In all disorder a secret order.” — Carl Jung

Systemic constellations is a pioneering, innovative process that brings an unprecedented level of clarity to illuminate and resolve dilemmas and complex issues that lie hidden in our unconscious awareness.

The Constellations Process creates a 3D model that brings fresh information, profound insight, simplicity and movement that re-energises and brings agency and direction back to individuals, groups,  organisations and communities.

Based on the work of the German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger in body, group and family therapy, Senior Leaders in European Businesses began to see that Constellations could be applied to organisations to navigate past the blocks and resistance to resolving complex dilemmas they were facing. Success in companies such as BMW and IBM has now meant that there’s a strong and growing interest in this fascinating process all over the world.



UPCOMING Programmes

Coaching Constellations: 

An Introductory Workshop for
managers, leaders and coaches

Friday 29th November 2019 10am -5pm
Location: Ziferblat

Working with a ‘Systemic’ approach with individuals, groups and organisations enables individuals, teams and organisations to:

—  Experience the embodied wisdom in the systems they belong to or have belonged to

— Bring the truth to light so that the issue can be successfully resolved

— Bring space and freedom to make decisions that change the situation for good

— Physically embody their purpose and values

—   Return health and harmony to themselves as an individual and to the wider circles they belong to


“To understand is to perceive patterns” – Isaiah Berlin

“Zena provided a guiding light along that journey to self. She played a part in helping me to be the person I want to be and enabled me to make changes that I wouldn’t have had the courage to make – life is richer as a result of her work.”

“Tells the truth rather than a consultant who wants repeat business that tells you what they think you want to hear – a superb facilitator. Quick to grasp what your business is and the key issues – an ability to challenge in terms of questions”


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