Coaching Constellations:


An Introductory Workshop for Managers. Leaders and Coaches


The answers are in you, and I can show you where. — Zena Me




DATE: coming soon 
Location: Ziferblat and online

“Zena Me and the Constellations process gave me an amazing insight into leadership.  She has something unique and really interesting which makes me want to dig deeper.”  
– Paul Hamlin, MD PPPOIS Ltd

Having worked with leaders for almost 30 years in transition and organisational change, I began to notice repeating behavioural patterns and issues that emerged in my clients’ professional relationships as well as their organisations.I had a hunch that these patterns were at the root of my clients’ inability to resolve some of their deeper, more complex issues – both personally and professionally. So I set out on a quest to discover more about these patterns and how and why they occurred. 

After much exploration, which included my own personal work, I came across the Constellations process – a pioneering and powerful approach created by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger that illuminates the hidden systemic social field in which we all operate. 

The process helps to resolve complex system and relationship dynamics and bring them back to a healthy flow. 

Mapping the system

In this introductory one-day workshop I will teach you about the hidden social field and how to create a constellation map of the system, whether that’s the individual’s system or that of a group or organisation.

Mapping is the first stage of a constellation. It involves working with a client to cut through the narrative and focus in on the specific issue or question they want to resolve. The constellator then facilitates the client in creating a 3D map of the people and aspects involved. With the use of systemic sentences, the constellator supports the client to gain deeper insights into the issue, some of which support the resolution of the issue.

The value and benefits of attending

This enlightening and inspiring workshop is designed to introduce you to this deep and powerful process and allow you to experience it for yourself.

About Ziferblat

Ivan Meetin pioneered the quirky Ziferblat concept in his home city of Moscow, Russia. Ziferblat UK began as a community of poets aspiring to progress their work. The little attic they chose to meet at developed into a shared place for like-minded individuals. More people came as the space thrived and matured into its own environment, informed by those who inhabited it.

The Address:
1st Floor, 23 Edge Street
Northern Quarter
M4 1HW

You will:

Gain an understanding of the interconnectedness of everything and everyone in a system

Have a visceral experience of the hidden forces in systems

Gain an understanding of the underlying organising forces that are common to all human systems

Experience the mapping process, which you can take away and use both personally and professionally

Have an opportunity to be at the forefront of this exciting evolution

The aim

To introduce participants to the practical application of the Constellations mapping process and the use of systemic sentences

The Outcomes:

At the end of the workshop you will have:

  1. An overview of the history and heritage surrounding this work
  2. A knowledge of the organising principles of systems
  3. Experienced a Constellations mapping in various forms from 1-2-1s to its application in teams
  4. The opportunity to explore your own professional issues using the Constellations process
Who should attend:

Anyone who is interested in the future of human and social development and those who long for the creation of healthy, thriving organisational cultures and communities.


Although there will be theoretical input, the workshop will be highly participative and experiential and will offer plenty of opportunities to practice.


£250 plus vat
Early Bird: £200 plus vat (booking before Nov 1st)
A number of Concessionary places are available on request
Max number 20 people

““I’ve experienced this technique a few times now and it always brings me new insights. Zena Me makes it accessible to everyone with a gift for engaging everyone she talks to.”

Liz Needham, 

OD Consultant and Executive Coach, 
Needham Consulting Limited


Like a guiding light, Mamucium’s Systemic Constellations is a practice which illuminates and honours our personal ancestral heritage and in doing so, facilitates our ability to deeply connect and embody our authentic leadership power, transforming society and building climates of mutual trust.

Zena was my tutor for a leadership programme for High Performance Leadership. What stayed with me from working with Zena was her analytical approach which was on point about me as a leader, the organisation and their relationships. Zena brought that to life, making it tangible by using a systemic approach. Learning from Zena has been a privilege, if you ever get the chance grab it, it will be fun, memorable and life changing.


Zena Me

Using a beautiful combination of unique and pioneering , safe, ‘Embodied Practices’, I facilitate leaders in illuminating the truth and acknowledging old Entanglements and issues around Belonging to return the System back to health.

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